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The Naish 9'8 Quest stand up paddle board is great for all-around cruising, touring, learning the basics and riding small waves, it features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, midsection and tail providing incredible stability. Especially durable and lightweight for its volume, the Quest 9’8” features a quad-concave bottom—which channels the water from nose to tail—delivering unbelievable straight-line gliding for a board of this length.



The contoured deck, full rails and squared tail create a huge sweet spot and heighten stability whether the rider is paddling in a straight line, pivoting or standing still. This well-balanced, easy-riding board is a great choice for families, newer paddlers and anyone looking for something sturdy, yet maneuverable.



  • High Temperature, Pressurized Aluminum Molding = Consistent precision shaping + optimized resin saturation 
  • Topsheet Construction = UV stability + scratch resistance 
  • Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio 
  • Molded EPS Closed Cell Core = Lightweight + resistant against potential water leakage + enhanced structural integrity 



  • Quest US 10.5 
  • Ledge Handle 
  • GTW EVA Deckpad


Tech Specs


Length: 9'8" / 294.6 cm 
Width: 34" / 86.4 cm 
Thickness: 4 7/8" / 12.4 cm 
Weight: 29.9 lbs / 13.6 kg 
Volume: 200 L 
Max Rider Wt.: 250 lbs / 113 kg





NAISH Quest 9'8" SUP 衝浪板

NT$45,000.00 一般價格