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The Bullet 14V2 is the ultimate downwind racing machine. This board is offered with and without the SIC A.S.S. (Active Steering System). The outline’s widest point has been shifted slightly forward and the rocker fl attened, which provides the rider with better stability when powering up in lower wind ranges and smaller chop. You would think that straighter rocker would cause the board to pearl easily, however, the narrowed tail brings the nose up, mitigating purling and unlocking top end speed by reducing wetted surface area. The board has slightly lower volume than the Bullet 14 TWC, but maintains its iconic full volume rails and gradual tuck to promote stability, which incidentally also reduces paddler fatigue over long races or touring distances.


Length: 14’0” 426.7cm

Width: 27.25” 69.2cm

Volume: 269 L


Bullet 14 is your best choice for maximum versatility, stability and glide over a traditional surf outline.

If you are a recreational paddler who spends most of your time paddling the harbor, lake or open water, then get on the mountain bike of the water.


The Bullet Series feature a planning hull design that features rounded - high volume rails. These boards offer tremendous stability to deal with rough swell conditions. The Bullet-Series has a slightly lower nose rocker than the F-Series, both series mitigate purling in the troughs.


The tail rocker also provides maximum control and surfability when catching a glide. The top decking features a lightly contoured shape to increase control, minimizes foot cramping and encourages water drainage.  


A.S.S. (Active Steering System), is available on the Bullet 14V2, Bullet 17 and the F-16. The Bullet 14 features the SIC proprietary EZ-Grab handles for easy carrying and handling.



SICMAUI Bullet 14 V2 SCC A.S.S. Downwind 板

NT$109,500.00 一般價格