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The FISH 7.11 has proven to be one of the most versatile surf designs when a swell hits the shore. With a flat rocker, full nose, straight outline shape and wide swallowtail, the Fish 7.11 is super stable in the line up and as fun as it gets for small to mid size waves. The swallowtail provides the needed rail drive and sensitivity for maximum control through your turns. The waterline leaves you with good speed down the line and carries its speed through tricky maneuvers in all conditions. Don’t be deceived by the retro design, as these fish are the modern day rippers.


No catch and release here because once you ride a FISH, you will never want to throw it back.
These boards are fast, fun and super maneuverable. The increased width means you can get through the impact zone with ease. After all, it is all about riding the wave with style and not a competition to see who can balance longest without falling in. Save your energy for shredding with the SIC FISH.

WIDTH     29.75"

LENGTH     7'11"

VOLUME     100 L






SICMAUI Fish 7'11" GC SUP 衝浪板

NT$53,000.00 一般價格