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The SupFlex Carlos Burle is 10’8″ long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; those dimensions are not chosen arbitrary because this size is a perfect one for speed, stability and practicality. You’re going to love the large EVA deck pad which covers the majority of the board’s back as to provide you with maximum balance and sturdiness while paddling, changing directions or maneuvering; you just name it.


This board was well thought before being designed; it features a modern design which provides comfort, greater fluctuation and agility.

Looking at its sharp pointy nose you’ll know that the Carlos Burle wanted to knife the water and be as swift as never; your effort will be much lower during paddling thanks to its structure and size which will make your movements much lighter.


Now, like most inflatable SUP boards presented to us by SupFlex, this one as well comes in an-all inclusive package with everything that is essential to handle it.


Let me start with the pump; it’s a high pressure double action hand pump with a gauge and which will pump air on both the push down and pull up of the handle making the inflating process easier and faster. Also, a manometer is included so you can know when your board is stiff and ready so you don’t go over the recommended 15 PSI.

Length: 10'8"

Width: 30"

Thickness: 6"

Volume: 230 L

Max Rider Weight: 290 lbs



SUPFLEX Carlos Burle 10'8"